Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts on Dream Sequence.

When I first heard about it, I thought that the concept of the performers charting and performing their own dreams was really intriguing.  However, this piece was really not my style at all.

I didn't get anything having to do with the cowboy/random dream cowgirls (and I was slightly opposed to them, because I don't like having more bodies on stage than needed.  And they didn't do anything...but walk around in tiny shorts and cowboy hats for a total of five seconds).
I wondered wether or not the dreams were scripted (did anyone stay for the talk-back?).  Sometimes it seemed like they had just outlined their dream, and were improvising it each time, and other times it seemed like they'd written it out and memorized it due to some stumbling over lines.
I thought that the actors were very invested, and I applaud them- it just wasn't for me.  It really just came down to matters of taste.

(Today I also saw Edge of Peace, which was glorious.  Stage reading?  No.  Play while seated.  :)  I also saw Psyche Project, and thought that Lily and Jenna were completely adorable, and I would also like to reiterate that Tom Truss is my hero.  Chibbi was also HILARIOUS.  The Mariner... eh.  I was really tired of viewing/performing by the time I saw this, so it wasn't fair of me to come into it with a bad attitude.  I really adored the costuming, and loved the use of the noisy boxes.  Other than that, I would've liked to here some music.)

Over and out.  

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