Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Festival

I just want to say that I enjoyed reading and listening to everyone's plays. Everyone it seems has there own style and it forms naturally to create a voice. I took notes on everyone's, but only commented elaborately, especially on those I wasn't reading, on those that I was able to write about.

America: The Dream by Chibbi
This play really took my breath away and reminds me of a film called, "Elephant." Story about two boys who suffer through the pains of adolescence and wind up taking everyone out. It's a sad, harsh truth that really puts out a social problem we have in our world, and I think the play conveyed the images fantastically. Especially with the images on the projector.

Whispering by Julia
I absolutely love the characters you created. Alice as an old, worn out woman who suffers from amnesia is classic, yet you brought something new to the table by adding two separate scenes that depict what's reality and what's imagination. Great job. Alice is a character that I can see actually existing and everyone around her act the way they would around a sick person.

Confessions by Kat
This play was interesting to hear. It was too funny and too pathetic to see Jim's life blow up in his face. I liked the idea of karma coming around, I almost felt bad for Jim, and Mark for selling out his buddy.

The Elevator by Andy
Nice play. Very nice. It was smart, hilarious, and ultimately eye-opening. All the subtle hints the girlfriend was dropping about the man from the rape trial were all too delicious. It's like we know what's going to happen, and it suddenly flips and we're no longer in control of our own understanding of the play for a split second.

I Shot My Future Boyfriend by Autumn
I love the comedy in this play. It was all too real, and it seemed like something that can happen. Knowing this, I have to admit, heightens the hilarious moments. The relationship between the girls and their horrible accusations of others made me laugh alot harder. Using insults and quips on the basic level of comedy and heightening simple situations was done throughout this play and it worked sensationally.

Well, to all others, Michael, Zora, Burkard, Ashley, Brian, Sara, Lily, and Celso, I really enjoyed your ideas and your plays. I promise I have more to say about each, but then I'd be over-analyzing 10 minute plays. Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

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