Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Made From Scratch"

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to see "Made From Scratch". Wow... what an incredibly sad story, with its tale of a sexually abused young girl and its effects on her friendship with another young girl.

As I happen to be sitting next to the author and director of said play while typing this, waiting to see "The Mariner", I probably need to be careful about my critiques! Not that I have many. The choice of reading aloud beginning stage directions and changes of scene was interesting-- it initially seemed unnecessary, but the fact that the set couldn't be changed made it understandable. I really liked the way the two mothers and their own personal histories were hinted at; especially how Rachel's mother appeared at first like the ideal, affectionate mother until we realize she had known and been in denial about her ex-husband's abuse of her daughter all along and done nothing about it.

One of the most entertaining elements of the play was the way "grown-up" actresses played 7 and 8 year-olds, and the behavioral adjustments necessary to make the transformation. Maybe I haven't been around this particular age of girl enough recently, but I wondered if the actresses made the characters act a little too young... maybe not. Either way, the two main girls did a great job, especially the actress playing Rachel. Of course, I need to mention Autumn's delightful performance as Sophie... I was amazed at how the infinitely mature, refined young lady we know and love transformed so completely into a complex seven-year-old (well done on keeping Sophie from being one-dimensionally jealous.) :)

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