Monday, April 6, 2009

Our own Works of the New...:-)

I would like to say first off that I enjoyed hearing everyone's plays! Everything was so different, unexpected and exciting. I am just writing on a mixture of plays from the two days we read. I do not have feedback for everyone sorry.

Hmm I will start with Andy's Play

Andy, wow. So at the start of the play I was like oh how sweet a couple. Then it got awkward because of her little elevator idea. Then I was curious as to what was going to happen. And at the ending I had a major "Oh Snap! Are you for serious?" moment. It was an emotional roller coaster, not like the bad rattlesnake roller coaster at six flags kind of way, but in the fun exciting Batman coaster kind of way. I Loved it! The twist at the end definitely sealed the deal for me! It was genius that she was the mother of the kid who went to jail and that their whole relationship was secretly built on revenge! ah gold!

Next up...KAT

Kat, I really enjoyed your play. The relationship between John and Mark was clear from the start. I knew that they were great friends having a phone conversation, I liked the twist that it was not just any phone conversation. It was being held over a live radio! There was an interesting thread which you wove in the plot that I really just ate up. The fact that the book which was written was made from confessions and here is this glorified Pulitzer prize winner confessing his sins over the radio. Not only this, but he is like the priest he wrote in his book! That's just something I took from it. I also liked your alternate ending, i think it went well with your piece.

uhm, lets do Josh!

Josh, Amelia is beautiful. I was held captive by the language you chose to accentuate the world you created. The world of a tortured man's mind. I like that to receive background information on our character a friend from the past must come to the future to settle debts and regrets. I think its amazing you wrote all of the lyrics for your songs. The idea of the women in flappers and men in tuxedos are not only characters but also pieces of the set is genius. As I have said before, it is cool that they pick up props or set pieces as they fall. The use of cloth in the suicide I enjoyed, has a dramatic theatrical air about it. Great work.

Julia, your play was wonderful. I like the change you made to the ending . The passing of the grandmother is softer and I think it blends well with the rest of your piece. For me it acts emotionally as a bridge between how I felt during Anne's tales of her fantasy life and then of her real life. The manner in which you chose to depict Anne's life was so creative! What can be more fake than Barbie?! Since Anne was telling a plastic version of her life, the choice of Barbie was very befitting. Great job!

Bryan, I really enjoyed the transformation of your play. Isabelle is definitely one of my favorite characters, I love her spunk. The elaboration of Nolly was great! I really like the surprise of his character you brought to the table. Your alternate ending was great. Everything really fit together in your rewrite. I have no more questions and as where before your piece felt open ended like there could be more, this ending provided enough closure. Like for example you were to expand this play. You could add something else behind this ending if you felt you needed to but it is most certainly not necessary. Also Great Job!

Well I am afraid that is all.Good bye everyone!

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