Monday, April 6, 2009


I was blown away by Fernando and the Killer Queen. Let me try to eloquently explain why... No promises, although I think if anyone else reading this saw it, you already know what I'm talking about, which makes it easier... 
Firstly, I love it how they fool you in the beginning. I was totally fooled... Fernando runs on and spills his guts to us, the language is somewhat elevated and overwrought, which gave me the impression that this was not the drag comedy I was hoping for. (As it turned out, it wasn't, but of that, I feel gratified.) Also, when Brenda enters as the Queen, my heart sank... Seriously guys, I was really hoping for a man. They don't even let on right away! The whole time she was hiding behind the chair while the soldier had their bit - so funny, not just the writing but the comedic timing on behalf of the actors, was so great - I was convinced the whole time that they were going to catch the Queen. Yes, I may be dumb, but the point is I was fooled. I love the surprise that she is NOT the Queen, plus on top of that deliciously devious moment, we find out who the Queen is and it is hilarious. We already like her, despite her evident bloodthirstiness... the playwright has already established one of the the most interesting conflicts of the play: how the audience feels about the Queen. How DO we feel about the Queen? We like her, right? But, she's awful... But we like her... Why? Because she entertains us, she's bold and crazy and hilarious and fabulous, (murders and pillages and makes playgrounds out of families' mutilated bodies) and she has a Brenda, and she's fantastic! It's almost, in fact, it IS, like we excuse her because she is so fantastic and entertaining. Commentary on the careless attitude contemporary governments towards human life and the folly of war?Perhaps. Intriguing, surprising, disgusting, sparkly? Definitely. 

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