Monday, April 6, 2009

101 ways

So WOW! I loved 101 ways oh so much! I thought it was brilliantly written as well as performed! I like the idea of creating a play centered around something that is so relevant to our society...MAGAZINES! Not just magazines in general but how we as a society revere magazines. How they affect men as well as women in different ways. I enjoyed that it was a comedy that poked fun at magazines and how people read them and internalize them. It was a comedic truth. I adored the story of the teacher bringing her Cosmo to class and how the young boys were interested in it as a tool to understand the female psyche. Oh and the bit where the man is taking a quiz and toys with the mind of his other male friend. This thought never crossed my mind but the more I think about it...guys probably do read quizzes and laugh about them! Great Idea. The make over bits also genius it made the play interactive. As I watched 101 ways I felt I was seeing a magazine come to life right in front of my eyes and through characters or comedic moments I felt I was watching myself or a friend.

Loved it!

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