Saturday, April 4, 2009


I absolutely LOVED this play!!! Or musical, as it should more properly be called. From the very creative costumes (hats, actually) hilariously made out of recyclable materials such as bubble wrap, pieces of strainers for the fish scales, etc., to the delightful musical numbers, the whole experience was utterly charming. All the actors seemed to have fun with their roles, and I was amazed at how beautifully they all sang! The songs were cleverly written, and the puns on popular phrases and idioms was very funny.

Having all the actors on stage the entire time (sitting in rows when not performing) and reading their lines out of books was an interesting choice… at first I thought I would have liked to have seen it in a more traditional way, but on second thought, it creates the impression of all the performers being in a sort of choir and singing from the choir books… I'm still thinking through the implications of that possibility. Maybe it's a reference to the emphasis on the interconnectedness and harmony of the planet… in any case, the whole presentation was fresh and extremely entertaining.

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