Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Even Theater has Rules.

Good Afternoon fellow theater lovers and playwrights! I would like to share with you a list...not my bucket list, but a list of rules for great theater!

1) Plot- Beginning Middle and End please. The beginning and the ending need to be clear and serve a purpose. The middle not so much. Personally I think it is fascinating when I watch a play and get a little confused in the middle. As long as the ending just ties it up or is surprising so I appreciate & understand the middle better. I don't want to be able to tell just what comes next. Thats boring. The plot itself should have an interesting story.

2) Spectacle! As said by my group in class, Spectacle too must surprise. It should have a meaning, in the words of Andy "not just have a random firework go off" like at a funeral scene or something, unless it has meaning. Spectacle can be subtle, size doesn't matter. Spectacle can be the lack thereof. But above all...MAKE IT MEMORABLE!

3) Character! Characters should be well thought out and relatable. Its also fun if there is an interesting web of relationships.

4) Comic relief. I think comic relief is very important. You can have a tragic play with comic relief. It helps the message you are trying to send stick to the audience. It also makes awkward moments bearable.

5) Any line being said should serve a purpose and be said clearly so the audience can understand it.

6) If you want to do something big, make sure you do it right. If it doesn't work, don't feel bad, try again or just don't do it.

7) Any sounds or music in the play should harmonize with the theme of the play. It should accentuate the world you are establishing.


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