Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh God. I'm very nervous about writing this one. And no, it's not because our professor was in it. Well, not entirely. I'm nervous because afterwards I was a wreak. Still am, really. It brought up so many issues that we all talk about... but we never really talk about. I'm not even doing it now. I can say: I'm insecure about the way I look and I hate that I am because really I wish I didn't care. But we avoid the nitty gritty, the dirty truths, the things that we are so insecure about that we don't even voice them - we can't.  101 Ways did, or at the very least, inspired us to. And the reason it was so effective? It was funny. Hilarious. Full of wild, preppy, crazy energy and then BOOM. Silence. A woman sitting center stage, folded in on herself, telling us she'll never measure up. 
I'm a wreak. 

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