Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aristotle Post

So, having uncharacteristically forgotten until the last minute that a blog post was due, I am frantically typing this before my first class begins. I hope it's relatively coherent.

Rewrites… lovely rewrites. I am so glad we've been going over strategies for this in the last couple of classes, because otherwise it would be quite overwhelming. On the one hand, you're sort of done "creating", per se, so it's easier. On the other hand, this is where all the real creativity comes in–– like trying to fit together the pieces of a puzzle. Or, to use one of Jenny's metaphors, like placing the dominoes perfectly in line.

I, for one, tend to lose my objectivity when I'm in the initial writing process, so it's really good to take a step back, survey your work logically, and be able to see the problems that need fixing.

Yikes... my professor just walked in the room… better post next time!

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