Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 Rules to Great Theater

1. In my opinion, the one thing that makes a play go from a one to a ten, is if there is music and dancing. I always enjoy spectacle in any shape or form.

2. It's interesting that I would prefer a play's second most important need is a great plot. Not that I hate plays with no story. It's just that when I go to the theater I want to hear ideas that I've never heard before.

3. I also believe that a play's original thought or idea is important to the production of a play. The playwright's image is important to what he or she is trying to say.

4. I think monologues are great assets to plays. I always enjoy learning about what a character internalizes and how they think. It delivers a secret that can be difficult if delivered any other way.

5. Another way to show a person's feelings is a great light show. The lighting is perhaps the most important part of production that needs to deliver a squeaky clean performance.

6. Props and scenery aren't things that I hold too close to my heart, but I do enjoy a play if it has an elaborate stage. I do think that there needs to be some way to identify a play's location or idea with as much as possible.

7. Another thing that I find quite childish about myself is that I'm attracted to colors and costumes. I love colors that pop and make me think and feel exactly what a person's mind is.

8. Although I am a huge fan of tragic endings, I don't think that the whole play needs to be one tragedy after another. I like comedy in every play. Immense amounts of it, too. I love it when a play combines the horribly tragic with the deliciously funny.

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