Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brutal honesty: it’s for my own good

I couldn’t agree more with Chibbi’s post below. Patting ourselves on the back will only waste our time – it will deny us the chance to improve our plays and our skills before we present them to an audience of producers, critics and viewers who will not be keen to do us any favors.

So, please, when you read my play, and write down your notes, and share them with me in the coming classes, don’t think of my feelings. I’ll be happy to hear what you think worked, so that I can keep doing it, but I’m more interested in what you feel is boring, confusing, contrived, out of place, badly timed, doesn’t make sense, etc. By being strict to my work you will be kind and considerate to me, giving me your time, your attention, your insights and your wisdom.

I won't take offense -- even if I don't agree with your assessment, I'll value the outside perspective.

Tell me there is no Santa.
Tell me you saw her cheating on me.
Tell me I need to lose ten pounds.
Crack your knuckles and tear the damn thing apart.