Sunday, April 26, 2009

Activity, Action, Event

I think this is right, I am modeling it off of Jenny's post. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Activity - Jenny's parents kiss in the kitchen.

Action - They have their "Tuesday Kitchen Kiss," something they intend on doing every Tuesday.

Event - Jenny's dad rejects her mother for the Tuesday Kitchen Kiss--this would be intentional and have repercussions.

Or...(And this example I am less sure of)

Activity - Jenny walks out the door for the first time. Obviously this is a physical activity. I'm confused though, because this activity could have repercussions and could be intentional. Is this the same as writing "Exit CHARACTER NAME" in a play?

Action - Jenny walks out the door a second time. This is intentional because she repeats the activity to build tension among the students?

Event - Jenny says "I've had enough!" and leaves the room. This is definitely intentional and has repercussions for all.

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