Monday, April 6, 2009


This play was another of my favorites. I loved the modern twist to an ancient myth! Cat walk entrances with men in dresses...Hell as a shopping mall! (don't you feel that way at times?) What a brain tickle! I honestly enjoyed everything, not a complaint. I love that eros' mother was played by a man. He did a really swell job! especially at the end when there was so much emotion and tension, I forgot that he was a man. The dances that were incorporated into the scene was a very interesting choice. Every intimate, personal moment was a dance. Whether it was a special moment between Psyche & Eros, or Psyche battling with Doubt and Anxiety or Eros with Ego and Fear.
When watching Eros' or Psyche's battles I thought the choreography was done in such a way that I could tell that Doubt or Fear were real characters because we were in a supernatural world but also that they were nonexistent in a way because these were also internal battles. I just really enjoyed it. Hats off to the cast! great work Fellow classmates! I really enjoyed each of your characters and thought they were executed beautifully!

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