Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The Psyche Project"

I just got home from the discussion after the play "The Psyche Project." I've never heard this story told before and not even seen it while perusing through mythology text books. I heard all the questions and feelings that the play influenced from the audience, but there was one thing that when I wrapped my mind around, I thought I would explode.
The idea that love, as Mr. Scheibmeir's father suggested, is a choice really knocked my socks off. This idea, above all in my opinion, works to fulfill the final messages the play offers. The ending, how ever sad it was to others, really put me in a small state of depression. Just the idea that Eros could walk away from a chance at real love, a deep love, with Psyche makes me realize how much one person's choice can impact another person's life. Think about it. If one person chooses not to love another, whether they be dead like Psyche or alive and kicking, do we really have control of love in our own lives? Love only works if both parties agree that they are, in fact, in love.
But what happens if one person doesn't feel the same way?
It's the one flaw in the idea that love is a choice. It must be between two people to actually work. Our generation, in my opinion, is not as prone to fall in an epic love, or should I say lust, like Eros and Psyche. It made me wonder if this optional love really is love at all. We make decisions on our own, and every time a glitch occurs, we realize that may not have as much control over our own lives as much as we think we do.
Overall, the ending was fabulous. I couldn't imagine a happy ending, for not all love stories have a happy ending. I enjoyed Aphrodite being played by a man. I think I identified most with Psyche, who takes a chance at something she believes is real and somehow in the end is screwed. The play is a fascinating project that made me open my eyes and see that real love comes when it comes. And it goes when it goes. It's tragic story meets comedy. Or the other way around...?

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