Monday, April 6, 2009

Psyche Project thoughts...

After watching this play I remember leaving the theater thinking how I was going to explain my love for romance without sounding like a love struck pre-teen. In addition to this how the hell was I going to write a blog about the play in general without sounding too girly. Alas, I doubt I can avoid it. Personally, for the first time, I realized the best way to immediately get my attention is to have some type of romance conflict (which the psyche project provided for me to drool over). I thought back to my every favorite book, movie, play, anything. They all have some sort of romance conflict. AND what type of literature basically invented romance in general?? EPICS. I have seen many movies that have remade plots based from epic stories however this was the first play I have seen that used epic backgrounds. I feel that this interpretation was amazing. This was the first play that I have seen that actually made me realize something about myself. This alone has sky rocketed this play to the top of my list of favorites.

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