Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Mini Reading Festival

Berkhard's To the Core:
You fixed the guards, and Sabios part and made a play that was nearly cinematical, and took us to a different world, well done man!

Zora's House:
You finished!!! And might I say, you made something very “Lifetime” which in my book was very cool. It was real drama, and it felt smooth and complete thoroughly.

Josh: Sexy and Scandalous bro. It is rare that plays transcend past a story and leave you with a certain ambience, but with the dialogue you delivered, this play had a mood, and left us with an actual feeling. Well done.

Seriously? You call that a play? I’ve read comics off of Bazooka Bubble gum wrappers with more of a story. I’m just saying man, playwriting isn’t for everyone.

I know you weren’t totally happy with how it turned out (Because I was sitting next to you and you told me so) but to be honest I found it refreshingly original, and thoroughly well accomplished, in that you took on a topic of science, and made something that sounded well researched. Nice job dude.

Simply Hilarious! Enough said, it was my favorite.

Dude you clearly fixed the issues we were expressing in our small group, otherwise I had liked the idea from the start so I stand by what I had said before in that this was an interesting “realistic” play, and I found the dilemma quite thought provoking. (In a good way!)

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  1. Hahahaha! Andy, I love you and your critique of your own play.