Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So me and Julia are in Footprints, and I have to say that the writing is brilliant. I love it; it is so smart. The playwright writes the message in a way that hides the fact that the play is educational. For example, When the sun finds out that the Tree talked to a human to help save the forest the Sun says, "You broke our ancient vow of secrecy to employ this human for your own selfish reasons? Are you mad? You are but one planet in my vast solar system... Why should I care? No one else does." The playwright cleverly uses the sun in the story to represent the voice of opposition. There are also other characters that represent this opposition. Like the main character's dad. He says, "You want modern conveniences? The land has got to be cleared." This puts the opposition into everyday life. The play has a excellent flow and a great consistent build in energy throughout. Really a great script!

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