Monday, April 6, 2009

New Works Festival: Nomadic Dream...

This play was very good. I have no scale for it based on stars or alphabet or whatever... it was straight up good.

First off, it was a very interesting idea, for those who didn't see it, it was the switch of these three individuals from different lives through their dreams, so it's a lot to explain but baisically it was a story about different perspectives on life, and this was done through dreams.

To me it really struck a chord in that it was almost a play that symoblically represented the all-too-common college dillema of figuring out one's life without willingly forcing yourself into a box. Even though those in the play were professionals, the play was about a fresh start of the mind, and staying open to the fusion of ideas into something that may have never been done before. (Creating our "paper cakes" ;)

I also must comment on the tower play! Really, well done! It wasn't just a play in front of a tower, it was a play with a tower, and I loved that!

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