Thursday, April 23, 2009

Team Beckett #7

Aghhhh! Rewrites! This current round of rewriting is freaking me out because I've basically thrust my story 15 years into the future. Talk about messing with time. I'm excited about how Jenny divided us into our final workshopping groups and I'm looking forward to next week. I hope workshopping with Chibbi, Josh and Lily will really cater to our specific revising/editing questions concerning time. I was also thinking about the timeline Chibbi uses in his play. More specifically, the order of his scenes. And I like the fact that he started his play with the last scene of the story. There are gun shots and two of the main characters die. I was wondering if something like that would work well with my play. Because in my last scene, there is a murder and one of the main characters dies. Some of my peers thought that type of violence was too abrupt. So I was thinking about showing it first and working my way backward. I know that I will still need to set it up properly and justify the scene. But I like the idea of getting it out there from the get-go. Any thoughts?

P.S. Is anyone taking Playwriting II with Kirk next semester? Besides me and Julia, of course. :)

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