Monday, April 6, 2009

Mini Reading Festival Day II

Andy's Play:

I'm not sure if the title of your play changed from the first to the second draft, and I didn't catch it during the reading festival. First of all, the second draft was completely DIFFERENT from the original draft. And I like what you did with it. You kept the sex-in-the-elevator idea, which was interesting. I love the use of disguise in your play. Melanie Walker isn't Melanie Walker. She's Carrie Matthews.

I'm reading "The Odyssey" in one of my English classes and we're discussing the theme of disguise and hiding your true identity. Yes, I'm a nerd because I read your play and thought of Homer. Anyway...

I like how you give us a little of the back story during the play, but we don't know it's back story until the end and we have that a-ha! moment. Then it all comes together. Great story.

"I Shot My Future Boyfriend"

Autumn, I envy you for your comedic genius. I always end up writing about really heavy, sometimes depressing subject matter, and I want to attempt to write something lighter and comical. I once heard that anyone can be dramatic, but it takes real skill to be funny. (Okay, so whoever said it didn't say it exactly like that but whatevs.)

I like how you set up the sometimes-chaotic world of an office. It was crazy and chaotic, but never unclear or confusing. And I loved all the little details that revealed each character's...well, character. Elaine, who is creepy and "hates puppies." The janitor who "hums his own theme song." Nicely done.

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