Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making Mickey More Lovable

When I decided I was finished with my play and ready to have it reviewed by the group, I was excited because I liked it a lot. I was ready to hear about what other people's reactions would be. Before my group meeting, there were several problems (particularly concerning how the audience perceives my protagonist) that I had not realized. The way that I was previosely launching my main character into the event that my play is based on was causing the audience to view Mickey as immature and selfish, when I want it to seem like a risky but necessary thing. I just made Isabel a little less against it to achieve that. The comments that I got seemed so obvious and smart, and I couldn't believe I hadn't realized them before. When trying to incorporate these ideas into my play, I didn't want to completely erase scenes and start over, so instead I went through each of my lines and changed it so that it would fit the new content (the content to make Mickey a likable guy and instill audience trust in him). I also tried to add more of Tracy at the end and solidify the "hitting on Mickey" bit. Before I turn it into Jenny, I think it would be appropriate to mention more about the baby throughout, and really develop that aspect. I could possibly show Mickey's progression (how he changes) through that.

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