Wednesday, April 8, 2009


1) Plot- to me its the essential part. It is the necessary component that is the skeleton of what you are creating. Meaning, if you don't have it, then you have nothing.

2) Spectacle- It is simply anything memorable about your play, from fireworks, to simply moments of silence, anything that would leave an impression on a child under five, is spectacle in my book. (Think about it)

3) Character- for me, they are the subject of the play defined by the action, personally I find they add a sense of realism but if one is not careful they can rob from the plot. So my rule is, they should be the agents of your story

4) Melody- Silent films aren't around for a reason. (though silence is sound) We have five senses for a reason, use it, music makes everything better

5) Thought- The most important, if your play is not well thought, it is not good, period. Sure, real life isn't carefully thought out, but even a play about real life is not real life so just do it!

6)Diction- It's the only thing you really control, I like the line from our packets that said, every line is a piece of DNA revealing the entire plot. This is the way I see diction, from "and's" to "I love you's" diction is what we are here to do

7)Entertaining: Be it a dark play or a funny one, make it memorably entertaing, its a show for GOD's sake!!!

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