Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is a quick monologue I wrote - ROUGH! - after going to a baseball game yesterday. I am still very alarmed by college sports. Call it one thing that I haven't adjusted to yet. I'd appreciate any feedback any has time to give!

What would your song be? I mean, every single baseball player has one, every single one. How on earth do they ever decide? It’s an impossible decision. Imagine it. You make it through high school as the star player, and get your scholarship to play baseball in college (yay). It’s your freshman year, you’re caught up in the glamorous grunge and independence of college life, parties (yay) girls (yay) sports (double yay). But at the same time, it’s a lot of pressure: to impress, to aspire, to achieve, to hit balls really hard and catch them when nobody else can, send your body twisting in opposing directions at ludicrous speeds to smack a ball, throw yourself with no, or very little, regard for your safety and well being at a red and white bullet while people cheer and boo if you miss. And that’s when they’re feeling generous. You have all this going on around you. It’s blinding, intoxicating, gut0churning. And some Assistant to the Assistant Assistant Coach comes up to you in the middle of this tornado that has become your life and says, “Hey, buddy, by the way, what’s your theme song?” What the fuck. 

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