Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wait wait, now I'm confused.

I thought we were supposed to write a monologue using our given literary device, not a specific adaptation of another text as a monologue using our given literary device.

So now here comes SIMILES 2: ELECTRIC SIMILOO.

Have you really been so blind that my character appears as mighty as a god to you? Was I honestly so angelic in your eyes that the hat on my head is like a halo to you? Is this how distant we really are - that when you gaze upon me your eyes meet me like a pilgrim's upon that of an icon? Well I am like a God as a mouse is like a lion. I am like an angel as a thief is like a guard. I am like an icon as a foul duke is like his own embellished portrait. And this change that has come over you is like that of an adolescent who has just learned to be ashamed of its own father. You, in love with this foolish ideal, are like a ship's captain who loves the tip of an iceberg and steers closer for a closer glimpse. And to say this discovery of ignored imperfection is, to you, like the uncovering of conspiracy is as foolish as though that very ship's captain swore to his own sinking that the water had planned against him! A woman loves a man as though she gave her heart to a single toe.

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