Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dietz Blog Baybeh...

Ok so I'm going to engage in a little PDAK. (Public Display of Ass Kissing) But Jenny, last class was GREAT! I mean, for me it was a total breakthrough. There have been so many times when I sit down and start drawing these elaborate webs, plotting ideas, only to scratch it all out, throw it away and forget the whole idea because 1. There was too much confusion in trying to plan it 2. I felt the idea lacked originality.

Last class just showed me that all that mess is so unnecessarily complicated. I never really put some thought into the fact that even if you ran with the same idea of something prior, your plot could be entirely different. And it was funny because when I wrote down 3 movies I loved and put them into a sentence of summary, they were all practically the same story. And not to mention, how easy we made the time line. I mean a beginning, middle, end and go crazy with the space in between. That simple... GENIUS!!!

So, I'm not saying that I am going to be some unstoppable writing force that is wripping out the Academy Award winning scripts now. I am simply saying, I'm going to be able to write, I mean free of restraint, headache, and self degradation. And that alone is so exciting. So sincerely, thanks Jenny. Last class was great!

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