Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I chose to rewrite the dialogue from "An Ideal Husband" without any words:

MAN (enters) shakes head ten times fiercely
WOMAN (enters)
MAN points at woman and points at himself
WOMAN looks askingly at him, as he repeats his gestures. She lifts her hands, palms up, shakes her head lightly, curls her lips.

MAN draws out a cardpaper heart (red)
WOMAN pulls out pedestal. Lets man jump on pedestal, kneels down before it, holds up cardpaper heart to him; produces praying gesture and look
MAN (annoyed) jumps from pedestal, shakes his head. Throws the pedestal away.

He shows the woman
1. a liquor bottle, drinks from it greedily
2. looks at porn magazines, he draws out of his pockets
3. laughs exaggeratedly and throws out dollar bills on small (children's) ferrari/ kettcar ferrari

WOMAN looks astonished; still asking look; lifts arms and shakes hands; she doesn't understand
MAN throws on projector. Shows pictures of newspaper articles. Headlines with his name in connection to dishonor, trial etc. Also: Pictures of him in handcuffs, looking guiltily at the floor

WOMAN looks scared at him. Crosses arms in front of her, waves hands. She didn't want that.
MAN While looking at pictures/ headlines: getting angrier. He turns toward the woman, takes her head in both hands. Points at it and shakes it and makes asking gestures.
WOMAN still doesn't seem to understand.

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