Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Language Devices Monologue

Some peepole dernt understahnd luv. Tayke women fohr instahnce. They say they luv ah mahn bot do theay really? Women tayke ah mahn and create ah new identity. They ixpect sowr much frohm us. When ah mahn luvs ah woman, he does juhst thaht. He ahccepts her fahlts ahnd misfortoons. Women put min ohn ah pedastool ahnd that makes it dificolt to showr who we really ahr. If women would, juhst luv min for who they ahr then mahybe ouhr lives would not be ruined like you ruined mine.

it was supposed to be like a sottish dialect. I've never written in dialect before so I did my best. Thanks for attempting to read that.

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