Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monologue No punctuation

women expect too much from men they honestly do they think there is going to be this perfect glowing man whom they have fabricated in thier heads but the truth is that there is no man like that he does not exist and in fact he never will because no one is perfect no man woman or child even for that matter has lived even a day without sin it just seems backwards you know the difference between the love that a man gives and that of a woman a man will cherish his women for the whole person that she is and he will learn to love her faults but a woman will do just the opposite she will take his flaws and try to force them to become something more favorable she tries to make a man into something that he is not which to me goes completely against the overall premise of love it should be unconditional and it should never rely on a change love doesn't have impossible expectations love is understanding

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