Monday, February 9, 2009

Repetitive Sir Robert

Sir Robert
I am a human being, why can't you see that I am a human being?  I am human, Gertrude!  I am not flawless. I am only a man.

Men love women for who they are, they don't need to put them on pedestals.  Why can't you love me for who I am?  Just a man.  Just love me- human and all- just love me as a man.

If you could only see me as I am, just accept me without making into a false idol.  Accept me as your husband, flaws and all, for better or worse, because this is reality.  We are not supposed to be golden gods.  We are supposed to see each other as mere, struggling mortals who come together out of a mutual need for love.  

I need your love, Gertrude.  

Gertrude, love me.

Love me as a man the way I love you as a woman.  Just love me.

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