Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The never ending list of words

Hey guys. Sorry I didnt get this to you all sooner. My apartment complex turned off the internet to make it faster. (I dont see any difference but oh well)

Heightening, exaggeration, using monosyllabic words to show rapidity, really obvious names, interruption, lambic pentameter, ubiquitous languages - magical words, modern references, OCD v. current slang, rhetorical questions, stuttering, pun, one word sentences, contractions, pauses, monologues, asides, interviews, music, malapropisms, incomplete sentences, accents, alternative/consequential dialogs, vernacular, information that can only be read not performed, volume, dialect, profanity, corruption, conjections/subordinated periods, allegories/poetic text, directness, run on sentences, fragments, intellectual language,foreign languages, repetition, no dialogue, narration, wordiness, absence of punctuation, hesitation, hyperbole, euphemisms, hyphens, ellipses, misspelling, question marks, fonts, page breaks, pauses, animal voices, wit, tempo, alliteration, violence, synecdoche, vulgarity, phonetic spellings, personifications, quotes, text language, mixing languages, beat, colloquialisms, italics, stychomythia, embellishment, silence.

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