Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Language Devices Monologue

Screeching, jabbering, sobbing, yelping, moaning, banging, clanging, booming, blaring, bashing, squawking, stammering, squelching, crashing, clattering, gurgling, hissing, whooshing, bellowing, zinging, wailing, whizzing, ringing,  rattling, rustling, thudding.
That is what I heard. Those are the sounds of war. Jungle sounds, human sounds, inhuman sounds, sounds of metal exploding, trees splintering, men turned into animals by the animals in men. Noise noise noise. Boom, bang, zip. It bores into your brain, deafens you , maddens you. You long for silence. But when it finds you, it is the loudest and most frightening noise of all.


  1. well, i definitely see the onomonopia (however its spelt) but I dont see how this relates at all to the monologue read in class...

  2. I think maybe the sounds indicate what the relationship was like--very turbulent, with a ton of expectations and tension because those expectations couldn't always be met. But then after the breakup, there was silence, which hurt more, because he's ruined and he loved her dearly.

    I like what you turned this into. I was thinking much less abstractly when I chose onomatopoeia, more along the lines of, "When you shut the door, bam! There went my life." But that's lame. Kudos to your interpretation!

    (and I mean no offense to you, chibbi! you rock!)