Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dietz Post

OK, so this homework, has proven to be more difficult than I would have imagined.

I like the idea of a play being made up of a million vignettes, and I think the asking questions is a GREAT tactic to opening possibilties. But here I am having a bit a problem, or maybe it's just part of the process? You tell me.

Here is the deal, making the flashcards myself has been a lot trickier of a task then I thought. Maybe it is just me, but I've had a really difficult time keeping my mind from trying to outline a story you know?

The randomness of fresh ideas is something hard to keep because it's hard for me to ignore the outlines that form in my head. Personally, I have found the best solution to be incrementing the process over time. Like last night I started at 8 with flashcards, but I discovered I had to take breaks and lose focus to rid myself of an outline of a story forming in my head, so I took the assignment in periods and ultimately, I didn't finish the whole thing till 11:30. This, at least to some extent made me lose my train of thought, which was good for creating more random vignettes.

My question from all of this is, am I alone? Is anyone else out there run into this sort of problem? And if so, any better tips than taking breaks to solve the issue of detaching one's self from the story ?

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