Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Team Beckett #3: Fun with Flashcards

Since class ended on Tuesday and I started working on our homework assignment, I have exhausted the rest of my notecards creating "flashcard moments" for each of my "What if?" questions. And I haven't even started to mess around with all of them (i.e. rearranging and adding and subtracting). So I may need another pack! While I didn't end up with nearly as many questions, since I was brainstorming by myself, I still found that asking questions opened up possibilities in the world of my play(s). I think Jenny mentioned in class how asking questions at first, instead of trying to answer them, helped to keep the options open and thoughts/ideas flowing.

[OK, so I started this blog earlier this afternoon. But life happened and I'm just now finishing it at 8:47 p.m.]

Anyway, I've found it difficult to keep each of my flashcard moments short and sweet. They're more like little paragraphs on each notecard, and I feel like I'm trying to write the entire play instead of just the outline. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? As I'm typing out my "outlines," I'm wondering if they're too detailed. Any thoughts?

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