Thursday, March 26, 2009


First of all, thanks so much to everyone for their critiques/encouragement... that was hugely helpful.

Now, for the wonderful plays we heard on Tuesday...
Quick note: these will not be in huge detail, because without having seen the script for most of them, I'm very likely to misinterpret or mess something up!

After that disclaimer, here we go, in no particular order:

Chibbi: Very creative idea, and very well-executed; the overall result was striking and disturbing (in a good way.) I really liked how we got to see the perspectives of everyone in the school (the principal, especially... it probably didn't hurt that Jenny read the lines so well!)

Sarah: LOVED this story… the plot raises a lot of interesting questions about the real truth. The stage directions were great-- I could completely visualize the setting and the action in my mind, and the dialogue was incredibly realistic-- exactly what I would expect a child and his mother to say in such a situation.

Celso: It's been fun seeing this play develop… I liked how there were actual physical descriptions added to the stage directions. The catch to this, is that while it makes it easier for the READER to visualize, I wonder if it's necessary when this play is actually performed, since the actresses may very well not look like the descriptions… totally just a thought. However, the physical characteristics do give us a clue into how the characters should be played. I also thought it was great that the details of the Gaetano and Sforza family wars were fleshed out a little more in the dialogue.

Julia: This play is fabulous. No more to be said.
Well, since that's probably not very helpful... I have a few notes on the revisions...
The change to the ending was interesting... I liked that the doll Alice no longer was the secret stash for the pills, and that everything was a little more ambiguous. On the other hand, I did like in the first draft when the last line of the play was, "Will you hold my hand?"

Lily: I REALLY, really liked George's development. The fact that he is now working for the government adds a great twist and an added sadness to his lines. And I know I already said this about the first draft, but I love the quotations at the beginning. I think they add such a great touch and set the mood.

Ashley: This was the hardest for me to follow without reading the script-- I think it just takes either seeing it in performance or reading the play to get everything, though; the writing was great. I thought the scenario playing out between Sam, Amy and Jessie was really intriguing, and like I think someone else said, I would love to see it expanded in a longer play. Great job!

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