Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on Tuesday

I'm just going to go out of order.  Sorry.

Celso: I really love the plot, and the fact that your language is so detailed.  I can imagine every single thing that is going on, from the look of your setting and characters, to the voices and inflections that I am supposed to be hearing.  I feel really useless- I don't have any constructive criticism.  I just enjoyed it.  :)

Lily: I really wanted to use the Neil LaBute slashes, too, but didn't feel like I could make it work- you DID though, and good for you.  Though we're not writing about the same thing at all from a story standpoint, I feel like we are both trying to get a point across about society, so, we're basically twins.  I liked it a lot- my only thoughts would be to look over the end.  Throwing Jeanie into the conversation was a little abrupt, but I can see what it is that you are trying to do, so I know you'll be able to iron it out. :)

Chibbi: I thought your dialogue was believable, really fantastic.  I have trouble writing things that people would actually say, so I listen for the good stuff to try and learn from it.  Your work would rank among the 'good stuff.'  I especially liked the character of Lily, and her emotional arch.

Sarah: This was SO interesting.  At first, before the actual conflict arises, I was just taken in by the mother/son dialogue because it was written in a believable fashion.  And then when the son begins to remember his other life- this is just so cool.  Sorry to be of so little help in the revision department, but I was really struck by the plot, and enjoyed it.

On MY play:  The Student is meant to be nameless 1) because every time I think up a name, I end up scratching it out, thinking it's stupid, for some reason and 2) because the meat of the story doesn't involve her.  She's not as important and Anne and the characters of her past/fantasies, so I never want her referred to by name.  None of the characters that reside in that outer frame get names.  Ha.  So it goes.  This is also because in the extended version, more stories/fantasies are included that involve more characters, and I want all most of the focus to be on them without any confusion over who is who.  You know?


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