Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thoughts on “Confessions”

Love the introduction with the candles. It quickly establishes mood and tone. Worked equally well on Summon the Blood, by the way (I also tried something like that on my long play; we might be experiencing some sort of epidemics).

I feel the radio broadcast flowed better in the first draft: “may I call you Jim,” for instance, conveyed a lot with very little text.

I’m divided between the endings: I like Jim’s deduction that Mark has been broadcasting their talk, but I also like Mark to get away with it. Perhaps it could occur to Jim, and Mark would then convince him otherwise?

I miss Danny. It’s always nice to see someone getting kicked onstage.

Mark’s gloating is a great way to end the play. I only think it could use a more direct phrasing.

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