Monday, March 2, 2009

Aristotle Blog Post–– Portrait

I'll admit it-- I am officially confused about when each group is supposed to be blogging. I have a lurking fear that I actually missed my time to blog last week, but hopefully that's a lie and this really is the right time.

So, with that established, on to the actual blog post.

As I have not yet been able to see "The Idiot", I will instead talk a little about "Portrait." I was very impressed by how smoothly the time transitions were effected. Often this kind of jumping in time can be jarring, but in "Portrait" it flowed very well and really helped the audience's understanding of the story while also tantalizing them for the ensuing scenes. The dialogue was also excellent; realistic, and yet more generally expressive and coherent than everyday language often is. Also very nicely done was the staging and "spectacle"; as many have pointed out, the blank canvases were a great touch and leave room for the imagination, and made a nice backdrop for the "art" that was being played out among the characters.

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