Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Idiot and Editing

  I saw The Idiot and I appreciated the exceptional acting and directing, it was an interesting show to watch.  As much as I enjoy beautiful writing and prose, I have to say that I prefer Dostoevsky on the page more than in performance.  Granted, I have only read one of his novels, Crime and Punishment, and that was when I was in middle school, but I remember underlining passages on every other page.  I remember being awed by his use of words.  However, I prefer him as a novelist.  It was adapted from his novel by someone else?

  I was the only person in our group that got feedback last class and I was extremely nervous when I was put up on the chopping block.  I can see how useful getting other perspectives on your work can be.  It seems the questions they posed me were the most helpful.  Burkard brought up a point I want to further explore that I only really touched upon.  It also was nice to receive positive affirmations on my play, giving me encouragement to really pursue it with gusto during the next editing round.  Learning what others took as the meaning of my play was very insightful, and the question was asked as to how ambiguous I want it to be, if I want people to have different understandings of the events.  I will be looking at my group's comments and questions when I return to my play, and I think it will help to re-shape it somewhat, if not just flesh it out a bit more.

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