Tuesday, March 24, 2009


About the plays in class

Lily, "Summon The Blood"

I especially liked the beginning. It is a new idea, to interest the audience by a dramaturgical (?) trick at the very beginning of the play: She leaves the stage black and unused while she uses the voices to introduce a certain atmosphere.

Ashley, "Liar"

I thought that this play deserves a longer runtime because it has a complex structure and is well-thought. It was quite difficult to me to understand the relations of Amy, Jesse and Kyle, but maybe because I'm not a native speaker. I would recommend to form the various flashbacks into one scene.

Celso, "Dons and Donnas"

I liked Celso's piece because I like gangster movies. This is a parody which mocks the important features of Italian mafia movies like "Casino", "The Godfather", "Goodfellas" quite well. The only thing I could recommend to improve within this funny play is, to let the MEN live a little longer and tell them (brag, for example) about themselves, so that the audience knows a little bit more about them. That is, because the audience might have difficulties remembering their characters' traits after a short introduction.

Julia, "Whispering"

An interesting idea which subtly criticizes the US-American society. I have to say that I also observed that many Americans are ready to throw their principles overboard, just to lead a life like Barbie and Ken in the play to make others jealous. I would be interested to hear what the critics would say if this play was staged.

Sara, "No Doppelgängers Here"

I think Sara perfectly thought herself into the mind of small James, alone the sentence "I don't want to hurt your feelings", he utters towards his mother seems to mature to me. I think the talk between James and the mother quite realistic. Still, in my opinion the play lacks a certain moment of surprise or maybe a switch to the black-haired Doppelgänger family, if the play would be allowed to be longer.

Chibbi, "America: A Dream"

Chibbi has massively and successfully changed the weaker parts of his drama since the first version. I think this drama adresses an important issue and is well-thought. Only the big part of the projector should be shrinked a little bit.

Kat, "Confessions"

I think the idea is great, the dialogue is crafted skillfully and connects a serious part with funny moments (when it is revealed how ridiculous the radio moderator is). I just think that somebody forgets about that he is on the radio (or did he NOT know it? - I don't remember that since I don't possess a script of "Confessions") and talks about a series of murders he committed is not realistic, even if the guys are close friends.

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