Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dietz: Reviews

Ashley- You fixed the "Sam" Dillema and thus, you made a really great (though really disturbing lol) play. Maybe I'm biased because I think I liked it from the start, but Sam's character was a problem, and your solution was very believable to me. So excellent job... loved it!

Chibbi- Dude, nice work. This felt polished and well planned. You enhanced Lilly, Brought in Brandon, Burkard's part, and the principal, which filled in the play with some real meat. It felt real becasue we got to hear all sides of the story. ALSO, I really liked the way you kept it "American", totally took care of the "international confusion" we had dealt with before. Nice job man. I really enjoyed it.

Celso- I really like this man. It was very classy, and different. I loved the massive amount of death, and the way you developed your characters was well done. I could totally visualize them down to detail. Great Work.

Lilly- Topical, and drama enriched. It presented a real proplem that had no clear answer, which are always the best problems if you asked me. The ending left me hungry more. Nice job.

Sara- I didn't think it was possible, but you made it even creepier opening new questions of adoption and even enjancing the little boy's creepiness. Felt a lot more polished, and of course I've always loved the idea, so nice work. One of my favorites.

Julia- I remember you telling me the idea, and I really think you pulled it off. Even in the stage directions, I can see it all happening smoothely. Also, I really enjoyed the splashes of humor, and the "Barbie dream world" was a nice symbolistic scene, that took me by surprise, and made things all the more enjoyable. Also, I felt the drama you presented, particularly in the dialouge between the grandma and her husband, was very real. I thought I was watching my grandparents! Loved this completely.

KAT- You totally had me with the twists in this play. I did not see anything coming as far as the plot was concerned, and I loved the fact that it was Dark, but not overdone in a distasteful way. I was really impressed, It was honestly one of my favorites thus far.

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