Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Funky Snowman"

"Funky Snowman"

First of all, I enjoyed Michael and Julia in costumes in this short play for kids. I think that the acustic conditions of the room were not very good. To support the dances, the music should be louder and come from all sides.

The music itself was good, although parts of it seemed improvised by the elegantly clad keyboard player. About the costumes: I think that all the other ballet kids should wear the same costume except Fritzie who should look slightly different to support her outcast existence.

The snowman itself danced quite funky, he should be clad in an all white costume though and maybe wear also one feature of a snowman's face, for example a big and convincing carrot.

The actors did a good job. But I have to say that I don't think it is necessary to speak only French (the ballet class teacher), some words should be enough. That is, because it is intended to be a play for children, although there were hardly any children in the audience yesterday.

A good idea would maybe be if the teacher also left disappointed BEFORE the class to show that she has no power over the free and quite wild, funky dances of her students anymore.

Having better conditions, this play surely has potential, the dances could even be longer and include some people slipping and falling to the ground to show the unplannedness of them. I don't have any kids but I would absolutely take them to this play which maybe should be staged in theatres in the north of the US in the wintertime, since Texan children might not know about the white substance the snowman is made of.

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