Sunday, March 8, 2009

Musicals? Maybe

My work in the class so far has been drastically changing. Always changing. I'm starting to wonder in what direction it's headed. I'm honestly starting to lose interest in short form plays, and I want to move onto the longer plays. Specifically, musicals. I'm not sure what it is about a musical, perhaps the singing or dancing, but I've been attracted to them. I think I've found my true calling. Surprisingly, it's something that comes natural to me and has very much influence in my life. I tend to make a song about everything, which, I admit, is really cheesy.
Something that comes natural to me is the lyrics. Most of the time, I just say what ever comes to mind. And it usually works in a very interesting way. All the words seem to collide together and when they expand, they create a musical tune that is unique and new. It's then that I find a harmony in the complicated method. Everything fits together when the words escape my mouth. Speaking from the heart is the most important key that I've found. I think it's important as playwrights to stay true to ourselves and allow ourselves to escape the methods that we use just to write freely and see where our feet lead us. The old patterns can be boring, and if we find ourselves doing them repeatedly, then we're not going to break away and make that amazing play that we want.

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