Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thoughts on “No Doppelgangers Here”

What strikes me the most is how the language is economic, to the point. No unnecessary poshness in the style. From all our plays in class so far, I’d say this is the one that stands out the most in that sense.

I kind of feel James says “I want to be big” too often. Their conversation seems to go around in circles a little bit.

The moment James picks up his drawings from under the bed is the moment he has to convince the audience after failing to do so with Linda. I wish it was bigger, with his actions supplying more evidence for us to judge the truth of his claim.

“I’ve got the pictures and the scars to prove it”: great juxtaposition. No other line gives as much legitimacy to Linda’s disappointment in having her maternity questioned.

By the way, similar premise to the 2004 movie Birth, with Nicole Kidman. You might want to watch that to get a different perspective, Sarah.

(PS: is it me, or the title answers the open question that the play structures so carefully and gradually? Feels like a bit of a spoiler.)

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