Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Makes Good Theatre

I think I've just realized that part of why I'm in this class is because I want to find the confidence to really answer this question for more people than just myself at night, in pajamas, staring at the ceiling. What IS this self-consciousness flooding my body?? Just for the record, I'm embarrassed.

Ok. Good theatre:

is dramatic. CRAZY dramatic, but not necessarily actively so. It whispers and makes you tremble.

makes me jealous. I should have written that, right? Or done SOMETHING. It makes me frustrated and restless and fiery.

makes me want to be involved. I want to play one of the characters! - even if it's impossible (50 year old, balding, black man with a Russian accent and no legs - although I'm starting to see that anything is possible.)

makes me want to cry, even if there's nothing particularly sad going on. Connection, understanding, truth, empathy, it all works.

is opinionated. I'm used to hearing this word in a lecture from my parents, but I'm still not convinced it's a negative quality, and in theatre I am absolutely convinced that it's imperative.

is risky. I'm a little uncomfortable. Totally fascinated. Wishing I was that brave.

must be about something that matters. The smallest things can matter. As do the greatest. I think there should always be both.

sounds like music. I want to repeat the sentences, hear them over and over again, aloud, and play with the words on my tongue because they feel awesome.

like good music, gives me goosebumps.



is frighteningly truthful, in some way. Perhaps a way that doesn't seem AT ALL truthful.

feels real and yet not.

makes you respond physically in some way. (goosebumps, boner, shiver, drool, put your arm around your date...)

makes me want to play the piano and have sex. not at the same time. necessarily. (not to be repeated - please take my honesty as a compliment.)

is, on that note, sexy! it's hot and crazy and scary and quiet and passionate and intimate and loud and potentially dangerous and heartbreaking.

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