Friday, January 30, 2009

Greeting from Chicago!

Hey everyone!  I'm in the windy city for the unified musical theatre auditions, and I must say, though I've only been here a few hours, I rather miss Austin.
The snow is lovely, but there's no cold like Austin cold.  Which, is not cold.  

Anyway, on Thursday's class.

Quick note* I really love the atmosphere in our class, and where we all come from.  Just throwing that out there.

The "I want" songs are a big deal to me.  Mainly because they are songs, but also because I feel like every character that I think of either wants something a little too badly (so badly I my words become over-injected with this awful, messy passion, and begin to lose their sense or just drone on and on and ON... like now), or completely lacks a motive, making them weak.  And I really loath weak.  
The magazine clipping monologue exercise that we turned in was a good one for me- it forced me to take my character's needs and put them into well organized words, rather than thinking about music of any kind of physical choreography, which is what I usually resort to.  However, this exercise also brought to my attention to the degree at which I write myself into my characters.  
While I said that my hot, gay polo model was based on some other people, the OCD thing, with the numbers?  That's all me.  (It grows tiresome.  Everything is an omen, and your brain is always working to make a bunch of numbers into that omen, and there are specific rules for this process, all of which have multiple exceptions.  Clocks are the biggest enemy I have.)  And then, when I sit down and really think about it, everyone I write has some quality of me, which I can't help but think is not right?  I mean, I guess it makes certain attributes more real, yet not every single character can be you.  That's boring... but, what do you guys think?

Also, yay for Chibbi for bringing up Beckett on the blog, causing Jenny to bring it up in class... I admit, though I had obviously heard of him, I'd never seen or studied any of his work (I know, how uncultured can one possibly be?).  So that got me on a search en el bibliotecha de...Fine Arts, which now has me occupied on the ample down time I am undergoing this weekend and most of next week.  Many, many thanks.   

Getting into groups and hearing other people's work really fascinates me.  My style is so different from the person next to me, and theirs is so different than the person sitting next to them.  It's all a rather thrilling cycle.  Between Tammy and Lola the hookers, and Brian's scene focusing on a kid wanting a blue light saber like Obi Wan Kanobi... and THEN Andy's deal with a smart-ass kid bound and gagged in the back of a van (which was strangely reminiscent of Bowman, and I mean that lovingly)?  Some great entertainment AND diverse stories and story-tellings.  Yaaaaay for Team Dietz.
Alright, here is where I end, for sleep beckons.  Actually, Hugh Laurie and the other doctors of Princeton-Plainsborough beckon, but I'm sure sleep will want to have its way with me later.

Everyone have great weekends, and I'll see you all Thursday!

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