Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living Through Flames: a Firefighter's Monologue

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: The picture i received in class was of a female firefighter. Her face was dirty with soot but she was very pretty. She hose in hand she was putting out a fire, the flames could be seen against the dark night sky. She wore a full suit and had a red helmet, she was looking over her shoulders as if she were reminiscing. She was in fact very graceful. SO HERE IS HER MONOLOGUE! i hope you enjoy

You know he died in a fire.

My fiancĂ©e’ that is. We met in the New York Ballet Company.

Jacob was a Harvard Grad and was on his way to medical school when he realized his passion for dance.

I had been dancing for two years with the Company when Jacob joined.

I remember when he walked into the studio’s fine polished oak doors. He was so busy smiling and

looking around he tripped on the extension cord, laughed and made some smart remark.

I forget what he said, but I can never forget his laugh. I would give anything in the world to hear his

laugh again.

It gave me strength, it still gives me strength.

The strength to dance, the strength to breathe, the strength to step into the flaming fire and have

scorching heat strike my face…. I became a firefighter because of Jacob,

to save lives that have been so full, and to save those that haven’t had the chance.

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