Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Makes Good Theater

Everyone loves going to the theater to see a live performance. Even after seeing a show we despise, somehow we are constantly drawn back into those plush velvet seats. But what is it that calls our souls back to the stage? A little something critics call Good Theater. Personally, good theater is more than just the show, the characters or the players themselves. It is how the players, characters and the show unite and flow to tell a beautiful story that infects and affects an audience. It should inspire an audience whether through love or violence, or fear and excitement, to desire to change something about their own lives. Good theater should have a script with a good plot one that preys on all of the emotions, also great lighting& sound. The scenery & costumes should coincide with the story and the characters. Above all acting should be believable, you should feel as if you are watching a piece of someones life not regretting you're wasting yours by sitting there. To sum it up I think what makes good theater is how good the overall experience affects you, when you exit the doors feeling different than you did when you entered.

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