Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go Chekhov Team! :)

Id like to start out right on the Aristotle lecture. I found that when I heard about the comparison of a play to Jenga it set off something in my brain that told me "huh? Ive never thought about it like that before.." This gave way to a new style of thinking for me. I wanted to not only listen and take notes to read later, I wanted to go through the most interesting aspects of Aristotles theory and find comparisons that make sense to me. In doing so I came up with my hamburger theory. I realized most all of aristotles ideas basically said you cant have one without the other. For example Plot cant be without action, etc. I thought of that as the hamburger buns. The fact that their inseparable keeps everything together. Inside I put the rest of his 6 parts. Plot is the main one so its a hamburger bun, next the characters or your patty, as for the rest go your cheese then condiments...Who knows maybe I was just really hungry that day. All I know is now whenever I eat a burger Ill think of the 6 main parts to a play.

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