Friday, May 8, 2009

You Guys are Wonderful

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of you this semester, and how much I'm enjoying your portfolios. Do you have any idea how much writing you did? A ton. You've got a lot of great work to go back and take further.

I encourage you to post those things you've learned this semester, so as not to forget them. And anything else worth posting. Here's something to get you started:,0,6152400.story

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  1. Great article. A near manifesto. Thanks, Jenny.

    I don't think anybody in this class has that problem -- everything I read during the workshops had a clearly identifiable structure. Maybe having taken this course will work as a vaccine against pretentious, alienating pyrotechnics.

    The fourth-to-last paragraph, in my opinion, summarizes the idea:

    Structure is not our enemy, it is the form that makes content possible; it is the meaning that holds the image and imbues it with specificity; specificity is not our enemy; intellect without heart is not more, it is less and in the theater sometimes less is just less. Contemporary playwrights don't need to toss away all that has come before us, nor could we if we even tried.
    (emphasis added)

    I wonder what Mrs. Rebeck would have to say about Dream Sequence.